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National Metal Fabricators, formerly Sands Industries, boasts experience spanning several decades in the metal fabrication sector. At National Metal Fabricators, we pride ourselves on being more than just manufacturers; we are solution finders. Our company has established itself as a leading provider of custom metal solutions. Whether it’s a specialised project or a standard fabrication job, National Metal Fabricators is the trusted partner you can rely on for unparalleled quality and service.

Our expertise and experience covers construction, interior fitouts, homewares, factories and production facilities, leisure, garden products and much more. With our innovative and knowledgeable capacity we will work with you to get the job done.

About National Metal Fabricators

Our Motivated And Highly Skilled Team

Through our team of nine highly skilled design and manufacturing personnel, we are able to draw on huge industry knowledge, bringing experience and a craftsman’s attention to detail to class-leading technologies, to deliver outstanding results.

Warren Park

“As part of the National brand of companies we have the ability to service our customers requirements not only with engineering projects but also spring manufacture, wire & even pest traps. Our repairs & maintenance service offers customers NZ wide the option to repair damaged cages, barrows or any company asset rather than have to cover the cost to replace.

We are also the preferred supplier to the food industry for stillages & blast freezer racks & this is due to not only the updated design of both items but also the quality workmanship & reputation we have gained within the industry”

Warren Park

Manager (South Island)

Calib Gurden

“I am relatively new to this role having only just started with NMF earlier this year. The first thing that impressed me was how quality & customer focused the team are on the floor & the wealth of knowledge they have collectively. We really are the “solution finders” & focused on delivering exactly what our customers require no matter how big or small the job is give me a call to find a solution that works for you.”

Calib Gurden

Operations Manager


“I have been with NMF for 3 months now & this is my first fulltime job since leaving school, so I really had no idea what to expect when starting. All the guys here not only made me feel welcome & part of the team, but they also take the time to explain & demonstrate different welding techniques to me making it easier to understand & learn.”

Hunter Dryden



“I have always wanted a career as a welder in the engineering industry but as I had no experience or work history, I found it difficult to secure employment. When I approached NMF they gave me the chance to demonstrate my welding ability & the very next day I was contacted & offered my dream job & I have never been happier.”

Josh Wilson



“I started with NMF in Jan 2024 & I assist with the assembly & final finishing process. NMF has given me the opportunity to learn & gain experience operating the many various machines used within the engineering industry & as I am in training  feedback on next steps on how to improve.”

Kynan Stansbury

General Duties


“I really like the team culture that we have here at NMF & the different projects that we get to fabricate & assemble. From wire structures like cages to the large steel blast freezer racks to even large H frames needed for irrigation hoses it’s great to gain experience working on these projects.”

Matt Owen

Welder, Fabricator

Te Rata

“I have been with the company since early 2023. In that time I have learnt so much regarding welding & fabrication from the guys here who are some of the best welders in the industry.

We all take pride in the work we manufacture as we know the customer is receiving an item of the best quality & built by the best team of people.”

Te Rata Hilman

Cutting Specialist

Cameron Pou

“I have been in the engineering industry most of my working career & not only do I get to pass on the knowledge & experience I have gained over that time to the younger guys, but I get to do it with the best tools, brand new welders & a fit to purpose workspace & workshop.”

Cameron Pou

Welder, Fabricator


“We are all one big team at NMF. From the Manager down to the guys on the floor everybody is focused on supplying the customer with a top-quality product, built to spec & on time.

We all take pride in being part of a team that has a positive culture & we all strive to be the best in the industry.”

Danial Fridd

Specialist Welder, Fabricator

Internationally benchmarked Design

Our product designers utilise Advanced Spring Design (ASD), which is a state-of-the-art drafting program developed in the USA by industry leaders Universal Technical Systems Inc. for the Spring Manufacturers Institute.

ASD allows accurate drafting and specification analysis of a wide range of products, including compression springs, extension springs, spiral forms, torsion springs, garter springs, snap rings, washers, beams, and torsion bars.

The critical criteria for a product are entered into the intelligent system, and the optimal design automatically configured, together with all specification details. This information is then passed through to one of our CNC machines for an absolutely accurate reproduction of the design.

Accurate spring design with a spring drafting program
Leading-Edge Technology

Leading-Edge Technology

National Springs and Wire Products NZ Ltd is committed to maintaining the highest levels of capability, and continually invests in our people and our technology to ensure we have the capacity and the capability to meet any challenge.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Design and development is a specialty of ours, and we have a track record of working alongside our customers to develop cost-effective solutions for new products or to improve their existing products. We have also invested in state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the cost-effective and efficient production of large and small production runs.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We can manufacture springs and wire forms in quantities ranging from single units through to 100,000+. Made from Hard Bright, Pre-galvanized and Stainless Steel spring wire and more. Our wire diameter capabilities range from 0.2mm to 14.0mm and above.

Our extensive machinery portfolio reflects the dual capabilities of a company that’s equally adept at handling one-off designs and large production runs.

  • State-of-the-art CNC equipment delivers high quality, accurate and consistent product flow – Fast
  • Herdon HCM-20T (0.20 – 2.00 mm Wire Range)
  • Herdon HCM-35T (0.80 – 4.00 mm Wire Range)
  • Herdon HCM-50T (2.0 – 6.00 mm Wire Range)
  • NEW! KCMCO Dongguan Kaichuang Precision Machinery KCT-808 – 8 Axis (0.15 – 1.00mm Wire Range)
  • NEW! KCMCO Dongguan Kaichuang Precision Machinery KCT-826 – 8 Axis (1.00 – 3.00mm Wire Range)
  • Fortuna Federn WIM-14 Spring Auto Lathe (6.0 – 14.0mm Wire Range)
  • Fortuna Federn MPK-16 Hydraulic Looper
  • Wafios SM15 (0.20 – 1.25 mm Wire Range)
  • Wafios FUL (1.00 – 4.0 mm Wire Range)
  • Schenker FSA 20S (0.80 – 2.24 mm Wire Range)
  • JYP C560 (1.40 – 6.30 mm Wire Range)
  • Bobbio BS1100 (3.50 – 10.0 mm Wire Range)
  • Auto Grinder SLM250
  • NEW! Huei Shang Industrial HB 1700 Tempering Furnace (500°C +/-6°C)

Our Values

We Take Ownership

Everyone, from the craftsmen detailed to work on your project to the administration and management team that ensures a smooth process, is committed to delivering a superb result. Through every stage, from brief, to design and manufacture, and ultimately dispatch, there’s a member of the NSAW team focussed on your project.

We Share The Wisdom

As the industry’s leader we understand that customers come to us seeking world-class advice and support. That’s why we’re a proactive team of professionals that will share your challenge and bring world-class thinking to the solution. Through this partnering philosophy we ensure that every customer benefits from an unrivalled resource of knowledge and experience.

We Empower Our Customers

National Springs and Wire Products NZ Ltd is committed to helping our customers achieve more through the quality of our products and the ingenuity of our people. By creating replacement parts that function better than the original, meeting crazy deadlines, and delivering beyond expectation we ensure you’ll always be operating at the top of your game.

Spring manufacturer - values

Have a spring or wire challenge?

We Will Find The Solution.