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Heavy-Duty Steel Cold Store Chiller Stillages Made In New Zealand

Our Heavy-Duty Metal Chiller Stillages, also known as Bedsteads, are expertly crafted in New Zealand and provide a robust and highly functional alternative to traditional pallet warehouse storage solutions. Ideal for the meat and food processing industries, this industrial stackable metal storage solution offer exceptional longevity and improve workplace safety and efficiency.

Designed for maximum stability, the foot of each metal stillage securely locks into the top of the one below, allowing for efficient and safe stacking, often up to five units high. This feature, combined with the large feet, ensures secure stacking and smoother transportation, making them a superior option compared to wooden pallets.

Our company specialises in manufacturing these heavy-duty steel stillages to meet the unique requirements of various industries. These commercial stillage cages and stillage pallets offer secure and manageable storage solutions, enhancing your storage and transportation processes. Whether you need stillage cage storage in NZ or commercial rackable storage, our products provide the best industrial stackable metal storage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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