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Stoat & Ferret Trap

A powerful trap designed in New Zealand and made to last. This NAWAC class A trap humanely eradicates stoats and ferrets in rugged New Zealand conditions!

The proven BT250 predator trap improves on the design of the DOC250 trap with larger, more powerful springs in order to enhance performance and meet NAWAC testing guidelines for humanely trapping ferrets. The increase in spring wire diameter makes the BT250 significantly stronger but still lighter than the DOC version.

Trap Options

BT250SS stoat and ferret trap: Full stainless steel construction to deliver years of trouble-free use in the most demanding coastal conditions.


  • Large and powerful for a humane kill of larger target predators.
  • Every trap is calibrated and tested prior to despatch to ensure correct weight triggering for the target species for maximum effectiveness.
  • Safety bar feature for safe, easy baiting and setting (Sold Separately).
  • Committed to a more sustainable New Zealand, we DO NOT acid-dip our products, but use sustainable glass-bead blasting instead.
  • Shipped in boxes of up to 8 traps.

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