Sectional Garage Door Springs – Windsor Garage Doors

Springs For Windsor Garage Doors

Wire Size: 5.0 – 6.30mm Load Per Rev: 4.25 – 6.96kg

Max Rev: 7.7 – 9.4 Max load: 32.86 – 65.76kg Coil Lenth: 520 – 963mm

At National Springs, we create strong, powerful and expertly made garage door springs manufactured in New Zealand. If you’re looking for sectional garage door springs for Windsor Garage Doors we can help. We keep a wide variety of standard dimensions in stock to ensure a quick turnaround. Our experts can also manufacture a custom garage door spring if standard sizes don’t apply.

If you don’t know exactly which garage door spring you need, our spring makers can provide advice on the best spring to suit your needs.

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